License to Live with Jarret Patton MD on the Patient Activation Network Podcast

PAN36: License to Live with Jarret Patton, MD

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“Investing in myself gave me the wings to fly again and transition up to soar”, reflected Dr. Jarret Patton on his decision to write License to Live. On this episode, Doctor Jarret talks about his new book, License to Live. He also gives thoughtful advice on how to manage physician burnout, how to restart after an adverse event, the importance of a work-life balance and how his Facebook show, Two-cents Tuesdays, is helping parents of young children around the globe.

About Jarret Patton, MD Jarret Patton MD on the Patient Activation Network Podcast

While these circumstances could have destroyed his career, Dr. Jarret Patton is using this story to raise awareness. He is now dedicating his life to help coach physicians or organizations that are facing similar challenges. He also is a keynote speaker sharing his story at medical conferences and events.

Dr. Jarret Patton has served thousands of children in eastern Pennsylvania for over 15 years.  Throughout his career as a pediatrician and medical director, he has remained an advocate for children’s health issues.  Over time, his servant leadership style led him to curtail clinical practice to become a change agent in the healthcare system.  As a former President of the Medical Staff at the Lehigh Valley Health Network in Allentown, Pennsylvania he worked with other leaders to promote children’s health and health equity in a highly matrixed environment.

Additionally, he has advised many regional and national committees for organizations including The Joint Commission, American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Hospital Association.  Dr. Patton spent his post medical training in various fellowships ranging from the Disparities Leadership Program at Massachusetts General Hospital to the Cultural Competency Leadership Fellowship with the Health Research and Educational Trust. He is published in medical literature and contributed to books primarily in the areas of cultural competency and health equity.

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About License to Live License to Live by Jarret Patton MD

In Licensed to Live, Doctor Jarret offers sound advice to aid those who, like him, have been under attack from medical boards, certification agencies, hospital systems, legal systems, or the public at large. From insightful coaching on how to handle the initial assault upon your character to proven tools for effectively resetting your life, Doctor Jarret will help you turn your tragedy into triumph, no matter your occupation.

If you are going through a battle—legal or otherwise––Doctor Jarret will challenge and inspire you to persevere through each stage of transition. Filled with thought-provoking questions and sage advice, Licensed to Live provides you with a step-by-step roadmap for making your greatest comeback.

Episode Details

  • About License to Live
  • How Doctor Jarret’s career was shattered
  • Doctor Jarret’s turning point
  • How to transition from a Physician to Entrepreneur
  • Overcoming physician burnout and achieving balance
  • How Doctor Jarret helps physician through career transition
  • Two-cents Tuesdays with Doctor Jarett on Facebook
  • Closing thoughts

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  1. Great interview Matt and Dr Jarret! Thanks for reminding us through your journey the importance of dedication to service, trust in God, and perseverance in uplifting the human spirit following periods of adversity. You’re both truly inspirational!!

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