PAN35: MOVR Data Hub with Grace Pavlath, Ph.D.

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“This is a very interesting time in therapy development. Just in this decade alone there have been seven therapies approved which is unprecedented. If you look at the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, there was one per decade,” reflected Grace Pavlath, PhD.  “If you look at today’s pipeline, there are 250 unique compounds in various stages. We urgently need greater numbers of patients to participate in clinical trials. Having this comprehensive data hub allows us to push the frontier forward as well as therapy development.”

Dr. Pavlath joins the Patient Activation Network Podcast to talk about the MOVR data hub and how the updated technology platform will roll out in 2018 and become fully implemented at 50 MDA Care Centers in 2019. She will also discuss the importance of participating in clinical trials and the therapy breakthroughs over the last decade.

About Grace Pavlath, Ph.D.

Grace Pavlath joined MDA in 2014 and serves as Sr. VP, Scientific Director. Dr. Pavlath provides scientific leadership for MDA through interactions with federal agencies, international neuromuscular disease partners, drug development groups and pharmaceutical companies, as well as with patient advocacy groups and other neuromuscular disease stakeholders. In addition, she provides oversight for MDA’s extensive research program as well as neuromuscular disease registry.

Dr. Pavlath has an extensive background in science. She earned a Bachelors of Arts in Physiology from the University of California at Berkeley and a doctorate in Pharmacology from Stanford University with subsequent postdoctoral training at Stanford University and the University of Arizona. Prior to joining MDA, Dr. Pavlath led an active research group as a tenured professor of Pharmacology at Emory University for over 20 years establishing herself as a leading researcher in cellular and molecular mechanisms critical for skeletal muscle growth and repair in health and disease.

Episode Details

  • About Grace Pavlath, Ph.D.
  • About the MOVR Data Hub
  • What does MOVR stand for
  • What is the difference between a data hub and registry
  • What are the goals of the MOVR data hub
  • MOVR and Patient Reported Outcomes (PROs)

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