Author Nonye Aghanya MSc,RN, FNP-C

Overcoming Our Reservations to Improve Communication and Trust with Nonye Aghanya MSc, RN, FNP-C

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“There was a mistake in the schedule and you were assigned a patient who didn’t like to be cared for by black people,” discusses author and Family Nurse Practitioner, Nonye Aghanya MSc,RN, FNP-C about the first time she encountered racism when immigrating to America from Nigeria. “I didn’t understand the whole concept of racism coming from […]

Dr. Chase Spurlock, Founder and CEO of IQuity

IQuity with Dr. Chase Spurlock

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“In the field of immunology, the big, bad wolf is autoimmune disease,” said Dr. Chase Spurlock, Founder and CEO of IQuity. IQuity is working to provide physicians tools to make early diagnosis possible in difficult neurological conditions like MS. The ability to diagnosis autoimmune disease early can have a positive impact on both patient outcomes […]

MyCounterpane with Kate Milliken

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“There is this moment where I was in the middle of New York City, I really imagined myself as the person at the cocktail party where somebody would say there is Kate Milliken in the corner. She’s single, she’s 35. It just didn’t work out for poor Kate.” Kate Milliken, Founder and CEO of, […]

Joining Joanie with Stephanie Levenston

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“Why is it that dad keeps saying that you’re my daughter?” reflects a stunned Stephanie Levenston about a conversation with her mother Joanie. Dementia changes relationships. All of a sudden relationship bonds as strong as mother and daughter are frayed in the dementia disconnect. Tuning in to this podcast will give you strategies for communicating […]

MS Madness with Yvonne deSousa

MS Madness with Yvonne deSousa

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“How you deal affects how you heal” is the mantra that author Yvonne DeSousa has lived by since being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. During our podcast, Yvonne deSousa’s reveals details of her multiple sclerosis diagnosis and how it motivated her to write her memoir, MS Madness: A Giggle More, Cry Less Story of Multiple Sclerosis. My […]