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PAN40: Clean Noses, Healthy Mouths, and Sugar Alternatives with Nathan Jones

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Nathan Jones was on vacation visiting his dad in Planeview, Texas at his physician office when a woman drove up. She had heard about the nasal spray my father was giving his patients for children with ear infections and drove eight hours from Arkansas for her two sick grand kids. It was at that moment that Nathan realized that this product had the potential to help people around the world, so he founded Xlear, Inc (pronounced Clear). That was eighteen years ago.

Today, Xlear is the number one manufacturer of xylitol-based products in North America. On this podcast, Nathan educates us to what xylitol is and what the health benefits are. He also discusses oral and nasal health, along with, the glycemic index and other benefits of xylitol as a sugar substitute.

What is Xylitol

Many people ask, “What is xylitol?” To put it simply, xylitol is a natural sweetener with many other health benefits. Xylitol is a sugar alcohol that has a crystalline, granular structure with a sweetness comparable to sugar. It naturally occurs in many fruits and vegetables and is produced by the human body. The word xylitol comes from the Greek roots xylo- which means “wood” and “–itol” signifying sugar alcohols.

Xylitol Health Benefits

Xylitol was originally used as a natural alternative to sugar with its 1:1 sweetness ratio.  It has virtually no effect on blood sugar and insulin levels.  It also has 40% fewer calories than sugar.  Xylitol also moistens and soothes skin by pulling water to the skin surfaces.  One of the greatest benefits of xylitol is how it interacts with bacteria.  This is two-fold.  Firstly, xylitol is non-fermentable, meaning bacteria can’t use it in their metabolic processes.  This results in bacteria not being able to thrive or produce their byproduct, harmful acids.  Secondly, xylitol has an anti-adhesive quality.  This unique characteristic prohibits bacteria from adhering to cell tissue.  Because bacteria must adhere to the tissue in order to flourish, xylitol is able to reduce their effect without using harmful chemicals or drugs.

About Xlear

Since it was formed in 2000, Xlear Inc. (pronounced “clear”) has been recognized as the leading manufacturer of xylitol-based products in North America. The company’s goal is simple: to provide simple and cost-effective prevention so people can live healthy and fulfilling lives. From the beginning, Xlear Inc. has been the industry leader in providing the newest innovations in drug-free sinus care through its Xlear brand. Xlear Inc. has also developed an oral care product line, branded as Spry. As a leading brand, Spry is dedicated to helping its users have a healthy smile and enabling them to live a happy, on-the-go lifestyle.

Episode Details

  • About Nathan Jones
  • How a Grandmother from Arkansas inspired Xlear Inc.
  • What is Xylitol
  • How is Xylitol different from other sweeteners
  • How the Xlear product line was developed
  • How Xylitol nasal spray cleans your nose
  • The benefits of Xylitol and oral health
  • Xylitol sweetener and the glycemic index
  • Baking with Xylitol
  • Closing thoughts

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