PAN38: Healthcare Experience Foundation with Katie Owens

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“One of the things that saved my life was a commitment to a daily practice,” reflected Katie Owens, the co-founder and president of the Healthcare Experience Foundation, on a significant health scare that shook her and her young family. “I had to find a way to reset myself and reset my health. We had to come up with a daily practice we could commit to, and for us, that was running a mile.”

On this episode, Katie Owens shares her patient experience of being rushed to ER right before boarding a plane home from Las Vegas, alone and 1,300 miles from home. She talks about how that event and subsequent follow up physician visits back home lead her to reevaluate what was important and, with the support of her husband, she was able to co-found the Healthcare Experience Foundation.

About Katie Owens

Katie Owens believes the healthcare experience matters. It matters for every person: Patients, Caregivers, Providers. As President of the Healthcare Experience Foundation, Katie is taking bold steps to assure that every organization has access to resources for engaging patients and developing their workforce to achieve results. Katie previously served on the HealthStream Leadership Team as Vice President of the Engagement Institute. She also served on the Baptist Health Care (BHC) leadership team in Pensacola, Florida, where she supported the system’s sustained journey to excellence.

Katie is the lead author of The HCAHPS Imperative for Creating Patient-Centered Excellence and is currently writing her second book about the importance of speaking the patient’s language. She is frequently quoted and has been published in the Huffington Post, Healthcare Financial Management Magazine and Hospitals and Health Networks. She is an energetic, internationally-recognized speaker and has presented for many highly-respected organizations, including American College of Healthcare Executives, Beryl Institute, Cleveland Clinic’s Empathy Summit, Society for Healthcare Strategy and Market Development, and Healthcare Financial Management Association.

About the Healthcare Experience Foundation

We are the patients, caregivers, and healthcare community. Optimal experiences for patients, providers, physicians, caregivers, leaders, and families are essential in today’s healthcare climate. The Healthcare Experience Foundation arises from a belief that the healthcare experience can truly be one in which every person is equipped and engaged to receive and deliver the best healthcare. We are inspired to shape cultures through innovation to inform new and better action. Cultures that foster confidence, compassion, joy, purpose, and resilience are prepared and inspired to create the best possible outcomes. The challenge for ourselves and for you? How do we improve our industry through innovative discovery, immersion, and action to bring out the very best in each person- those who are caregivers and those who are receiving care?

We depend on one another for answers and for leading the way. We hope you will join this movement!

Episode Details

  • About Katie Owens
  • Leaving Las Vegas in an ambulance: An ER visit 1,300 miles away from home
  • Learning to advocate for herself with her primary care physician
  • Tips for improving physician-patient communication
  • About the Healthcare Experience Foundation
  • About the CARES model
  • Closing thoughts

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