Breaking the Chains of Food Addiction with Michael Leppo on the Patient Activation Network

PAN42: Breaking the Chains of Food Addiction with Michael Leppo

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“When I started, if I walked to my mailbox and back, I was exhausted. I’m down about 90 pounds and 10 waist sizes,” reflected Michael Leppo on his weight loss. “That’s all great, but what is really amazing is the amount of energy I have. I feel like I have found the fountain of youth.”

Author, entrepreneur and chief participant of Positive Daily Fuel, Michael Leppo, shares his personal journey of food addiction. He talks about slowly gaining weight and the impact it had on his health. He defines food addiction and provides strategies for overcoming the addiction.

Episode Details

  • About Michael Leppo
  • Michael’s food addiction, obesity and health problems
  • The toll that Michael’s food addiction had on his family
  • The turning point
  • Defining food addiction
  • About the Positive Daily Fuel Program
  • Michael’s Results

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