Amy Edmunds, Founder and CEO of Young Stroke on the Patient Activation Network

PAN25: YoungStroke with Amy Edmunds

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The Patient Activation Network Podcast is live at the 2017 Planetree International Conference on Patient-Centered Care. Our next guest is Amy Edmunds, Founder and CEO of YoungStroke. Amy shares her story of experiencing a stroke at a young age and how emergency responders and ER staff weren’t trained to recognize stroke symptoms in someone so young.

About Amy Edmunds and YoungStroke

Amy Edmunds changes the way others view stroke.  As a NIH award-winning researcher and global advocate, Amy writes and speaks about issues related to young stroke survivorship based upon her lived experience.

Following her stroke, Amy’s graduate studies resulted in establishing YoungStroke, Inc. as America’s first 501c3 patient advocacy organization to benefit young adult stroke survivors and their caregivers. It accomplishes it mission through research and education.

Recently, YoungStroke launched YoungStroke 2015 and YoungStroke 2016 – the first international scientific conferences on this topic. It was sponsored in part by Mayo Clinic Jacksonville and the National Institute for Neurological Disorders and Stroke.  The event showcased a new model scientific conference model distinguished by its inclusion of the stroke survivor and caregiver community.

Elected by international peers of eighty countries since 2014, Amy serves the Board of Directors of the World Stroke Organization as the first American survivor in this capacity. In this role, she represents stroke support organizations worldwide.

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