LARKR On Demand Mental Health Care with Shawn Kernes on the Patient Activation Network

PAN28: LARKR On Demand Mental Health Care with Shawn Kernes

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Only 50% of those depressed receiving diagnosis or treatment, recognition from a significant other could be key to them getting the help they need. Teenagers also represent a large demographic of untreated depression. The LARKR app aims to be the change to help improve self-worth and lead a happier life.

On this episode of the Patient Activation Network, we sit down with Shawn Kernes, Co-Founder and CEO of LARKR, to discuss depression, mental health challenges for adults and teenagers, and how the LARKR app can help connect people with the right therapist to help.

About Shawn Kernes

With over 20 years of executive experience in building and leading startups, Shawn is always ahead ofShawn Kernes Co-Founder and CEO of LARKR on the Patient Activation Network Podcast
the curve while remaining grounded in understanding how to meet the fundamental needs of everyday
people through innovative new products. A highly-driven entrepreneur, Shawn has spent the last two decades building and managing teams using his exceptional expertise in technology, operations, business strategy, business development and customer service.

When Shawn learned that an estimated 30 million Americans aren’t getting the mental health care they
need, the idea for LARKR was born. Shawn and his team at LARKR are committed to improving people’s
lives by delivering accessible and affordable therapy, using licensed professionals and a trusted modern
channel that is available wherever and whenever it’s needed. For Shawn, using the right technology to
remove barriers to quality mental health care is a personal and meaningful commitment.


LARKR is seeking to not only raise awareness on mental health issues, but also help combat them. TheLARKR App on the Patient Activation Network Podcast company’s app, which provides on-demand licensed therapy anywhere anytime right from your smartphone, is a convenient and invaluable tool to manage depression and other mental health issues. The attached infographic, compiled by new mental health app LARKR, points out some of the top warning signs and stats around this issue.

Episode Details

  • About Shawn Kernes
  • About LARKR
  • Seeking help
  • The LARKR experience
  • Top three things everyone must know about mental health

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