PAN2: Healing the Wounds of PTSD with Marc and Sonja Raciti

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“PTSD is an amputation of the soul. There is a certain way about you that is no longer there,” proclaims Marc Raciti in our emotional interview about living life with PTSD. In this interview Marc and Sonja Raciti discuss what it is like to live with PTSD and be the partner of someone living with PTSD.

If you, or someone you love is suffering from PTSD, depression, or anxiety, please click play on the podcast to listen to Marc and Sonja’s Raciti emotional story of hope and inspiration in the face of darkness.

About Marc: Marc is a retired Army Major who is trained as an orthopedic physicians assistant (PA).  He enlisted in the Army 1989 and served in Desert Storm, Operation Kosovo, OEF and OIF.  During his military career, he completed his physician assistant residency in orthopedics from Womack Army Community Hospital in North Carolina. He received his Master of Science degree in Physician Assistant studies from the University of Nebraska Medical Center and obtained his bachelor’s degree from the University of Texas in San Antonio.

About Sonja Raciti: Sonja Is a board certified Clinical Psychologist who specialized in forensic assessment and child maltreatment to help reunite families and caregivers get the support they need to be successful parents as well as being able to work with children who had experienced traumatic events and were having severe behavioral disturbances. Shortly after 9/11, she became very interested in the military and helping those services member suffering from the remnants of on-going war on Terror. In 2009 she joined the Hawaii Army National Guard and in 2013 I joined the ranks of AD within the Air Force.

About Healing Wounds: Healing Wounds is all about helping others to heal from invisible wounds of the soul. Our goal is to help those that are lost and are in a dark space see light and know that there is hope and forgiveness around the corner. We have events throughout the year in the Phoenix area to help build awareness for PTSD.

About I Just Want to See Trees: A Journey Through PTSD memoir: A courageous story of Marc Raciti’s fight against PTSD.  It starts off with him seeing trees as a means to hang himself and looks at the impact deployments had on him and his family.

Episode Outline:

  • Marc and Sonja Raciti introduction
  • Marc Raciti military background
  • Introduction into life with PTSD
  • Being the partner of someone with PTSD
  • Tips and strategies for living with and being the partner of someone with PTSD
  • About Healing Wounds
  • I Just Want to See Trees: A Journey Through PTSD memoir
  • Closing Thoughts

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