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PAN47: Road to Victory with Chuck Wakefield

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Dr. Charles (Chuck) Wakefield has been living with multiple myeloma in 2003. Today, he is 73 years old and takes part in cycling events to raise awareness to this devastating disease. “I always tell people that if you are going to get cancer, this is the one to get,” states Dr. Wakefield about living with multiple myeloma. During this episode, Chuck shares his diagnosis, educates listeners about multiple myeloma and discusses his road to victories rides.

About Chuck Wakefield

Dr. Charles Wakefield earned his Doctor of Dental Surgery from the University of California, Los Angeles School of Dentistry, and completed his Advanced Education in General Dentistry (AEGD) two year residency in the United States Army Dental Corps at Fort Knox, KY.

In 2017, Chuck, then 72, cycled 3,400 miles across America to raise awareness of multiple myeloma, which he has been living with since 2003. Chuck was joined by his multiple myeloma doctor, Brian Berryman, MD. Dr. Berryman lost his mother to multiple myeloma, and it ultimately led him to specialize as an oncologist in the multiple myeloma field. 

About Road to Victories

From the Road to Victories website: The Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation’s (MMRF) Road to Victories cycling events feature cyclists who are personally impacted by multiple myeloma. Three teams will ride close to 300 miles each to raise funds for critical myeloma research. Janssen is honored to sponsor these events and bring forward the Road to Victories campaign, which aims to accelerate progress in multiple myeloma – the third most common blood cancer after lymphomas and leukemias in the United States – through awareness, patient education and community support. Together, we are striving to achieve victories over cancer.

Episode Details

  • About Chuck Wakefield
  • What is a “Reader’s Digest” explanation of multiple myeloma
  • Chuck’s diagnosis
  • Advice for other people living with multiple myeloma
  • How Chuck got into cycling
  • What is Road to Victories
  • Cycling London to Paris, Across the USA and other road to victories rides
  • Closing Thoughts

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