Bullying in Healthcare with Phyllis S. Quinlan, PhD, RN-BC on the Patient Activation Network Podcast

PAN56: Bullying in Healthcare with Phyllis S. Quinlan, PhD, RN-BC

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On this episode of the Patient Activation Network Podcast, we talk to Phyllis S. Quinlan, author and nurse entrepreneur, about bullying in healthcare. Phyllis has practiced in a variety of emergency services, acute care, subacute care and long term care settings. She holds national certifications in Critical Care, Emergency Nursing and Nursing Professional Development; and […]

Author Nonye Aghanya MSc,RN, FNP-C

PAN17: Overcoming Our Reservations to Improve Communication and Trust with Nonye Aghanya MSc, RN, FNP-C

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“There was a mistake in the schedule and you were assigned a patient who didn’t like to be cared for by black people,”┬ádiscusses author and Family Nurse Practitioner, Nonye Aghanya MSc,RN, FNP-C about the first time she encountered racism when immigrating to America from Nigeria. “I didn’t understand the whole concept of racism coming from […]