PAN55: Share the Care with Sheila Warnock

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Sheila Warnock had several profound experiences change her life. First, she became sole caregiver of her ill mother and an emotional crutch for her best friend, Susan, who was diagnosed with cancer. By undertaking this dual role, Sheila truly experienced the tremendous burden caregivers have to endure. In 1988, she became part of a group […]

Tanya Detrik speaker and author of the book Waking Up with Nora

PAN19: Waking Up with Nora with Tanya Detrik

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The Patient Activation Network Podcast is live at the 2017 Planetree International Conference on Patient-Centered Care. Our first guest is Tanya Detrik. Tanya is an author, speaker and grandmother of a special needs child. She is here to share her personal story with us today. “Every new life has the potential to make life new,” […]