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The Patient Activation Network was created by patients for patients to accomplish real change in healthcare. Patient activation is defined as a patient's knowledge, skills, ability, and willingness to manage his or her own health and care. When a patient becomes activated in their own care, their patient experience improves significantly.

The Patient Activation Network exists to share stories of patients, caregivers and providers who take an active role in changing healthcare today to motivate, inspire and activate others to do the same. Our stories can also change the healthcare system. By looking at problems through the lens of the patient, healthcare stakeholders can better understand the challenges that people are faced with every day.

By sharing stories, we support each other in our journeys. We also learn compensatory strategies for living well despite the hand we were dealt. Stories are the way we learn and our health is what connects us. The Patient Activation Network is that connection point to turn stories into knowledge and power.

Together, our stories will change healthcare.

Jessica Hanson, RN discusses the tragic death of her two year old son

Why Does Patient Activation Matter?

Studies show that Patient Activation affects all Healthcare Stakeholders

  • Patients with higher activation levels tend to engage in healthy behaviors, adhere to the plan of care and achieve better health outcomes.
  • Providers who are measuring their patients’ activation levels can develop care plans specific to the patient’s ability to follow through on those plans. This is a way to become patient-centered, and to meet the patient where they are leading to higher satisfaction and retention levels.
  • Healthcare Organizations are facing healthcare reform initiatives that are forcing delivery systems and providers to produce better outcomes with fewer resources. Activated patients represent a largely untapped resource that may benefit not only the delivery systems, but the entire population.

Source: Insignia Health

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Healthcare administrators are faced with competing priorities that are constantly shifting.  Trends in healthcare require insight-driven decisions to ensure their organization not only survives but thrives in a value-based care environment. 

Pharma & Life Sciences

In an era of consumer-facing realities, pharmaceutical, and life sciences companies will continue to experience novel competing challenges. Companies that embrace proactive care of patient communities and meet consumer needs will hold a competitive advantage as a valued partner in healthcare.


It is well documented that culture plays a large role in a company’s success. Building a company culture is not only good sense, it is good business. We know that your employees feel appreciated and enjoy their work when their needs and values are consistent with those of the company.

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The right speaker can transform your organization. Our highly-sought after speakers deliver moving stories of compassion and courage what move audiences to laugh, cry, and in the end, feel inspired and hopeful.


Our dynamic consultants bring years of clinical and professional expertise to your organization to get proven results through human-centered learning workshops to deliver the organizational transformation you desire.


Podcasts are highly engaging and can be an innovative way to build better relationships with your customers. We can help you highlight your organization’s superstars as industry experts and to extend your reach.


The Patient Activation Network Podcast

Invisible Disabilities with Sherri Connell on the Patient Activation Network Podcast

Invisible Disabilities with Sherri Connell

Our guest today is, Sherri Connell, who suffers every day from the chronic pain and complexities of Lyme Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Traumatic Brain Injury and Chemical Injury. A former model, dancer, and singer, she lost her entire career to illness – and lived a lifetime in only 27 years. She obtained two Business Degrees and […]

Three Roommates, Powdered Eggs and a Teddy Bear with Kevin Clapp

“It began with a lump in the throat,” recalled Kevin Clapp. Kevin was six years old, growing up in north central Connecticut, the morning he awoke with a mass roughly the size of a golf ball lodged in his neck. An appointment with his pediatrician led to a visit with an ear, nose and throat […]

Sick 2 Death with Maggie Hadleigh-West on the Patient Activation Network

Sick 2 Death with Maggie Hadleigh-West

“I cried when I realized I should have been diagnosed as a child, but when I realized that millions of people were sick, undiagnosed or misdiagnosed despite medical information being available, I was angry and change became my mission.” said Hadleigh-West. “The purpose of the film is to expose the problem through many people’s stories, experts, […]

Overcoming PTSD with Anthony Treas

Anthony Treas, MPH shares his personal story about his time in Iraq and how it has impacted his civilian life. Today, Anthony is thriving despite living with the challenges of PTSD, but it wasn’t always that way. Anthony details his journey on the battlefield and how hard it has been to acclimate back to civilian […]

LARKR On Demand Mental Health Care with Shawn Kernes on the Patient Activation Network

LARKR On Demand Mental Health Care with Shawn Kernes

Only 50% of those depressed receiving diagnosis or treatment, recognition from a significant other could be key to them getting the help they need. Teenagers also represent a large demographic of untreated depression. The LARKR app aims to be the change to help improve self-worth and lead a happier life. On this episode of the Patient […]

Acting and Albinism with Dennis Hurley

“Looking so different from the average kid opened me up to bullying and harassment,” said actor Dennis Hurley about his early life with albinism. “Then, I found out I could make people laugh. I finally felt effective at something and having that sense of empowerment, I realized that I could do it and made acting […]

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“I and audiences alike find Matt’s talks to be inspirational, motivational, humorous, and sometimes emotionally stirring. I have observed Matt dozens of times captivate an audience with his engaging, warm, and entertaining oratory style. In my career, I have never observed a better speaker than Matt.”

– John McDaniel, Executive ABM, Biogen Idec

Biogen Idec

“Matthew is a moving speaker with a tremendous amount of energy and dedication to both doing good in the world and helping others becoming successful while he’s doing it.”

– Joyce Parrish, Director of Rehabilitation Memorial University Medical Center


Memorial University Medical Center

“Matt has a unique ability to take his journey and make it personal to his audience. His capacity to engage the audience and make them a part of the dog story allows everyone to be deeply emotionally engaged, inspired and therefore motivated to put an end to MS. His inner strength is highly contagious”

– Laurent Placidi, VP Marketing, Genzyme Corp.


“His personal story, “The Dog Story,” deeply touched all of our therapy staff. Having worked with patients like Matt on a daily basis, it is a wonderful feeling to hear Matt’s story and uplifting message of hope”

– Krin Gresen, Director of Rehabilitation, Aspirus Wausau Hospital

Aspirus Wausau

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Author Nonye Aghanya MSc,RN, FNP-C discusses the adversity she faced as an African immigrant practicing medicine in America